Privacy Policy

And No-Cookies Statement

Created: June 22, 2021
Updated: November 15, 2021


This policy applies to Your use of this website and Your interaction with the media/Content we produce (resources we make available to You such as newsletters, infographics, presentations, blog posts, etc.).

Privada Law reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make a change to this Privacy Policy, we will post such changes on our website.

Respect your privacy, make reasonable efforts to use like-minded providers, and not track You on the Internet.


We genuinely care about how Your information is treated. We commit to respecting Your privacy and to making a reasonable effort to find like-minded service providers. Should we require a product or service where no service provider lives up to our standards, we will disclose that fact and provide an alternative so You can make an informed decision about whether or not to use the functionality.

We have engineered this website to be privacy-centric by default. Among other things,

  • No privacy-intrusive technologies are embedded in our website.
    • We don’t use cookies or other tracking technologies.
    • We don’t have a heat map (a technology that allows website owners to see how and where You are navigating on their website and, in some cases, the information You input on their forms).

Information You provide to us when interacting with our website or media.


Personal information is broadly defined in PIPEDA as information about an identifiable individual. Currently, we don't collect any personal information. Find more about Personal Information here.

We don’t track You around the Internet.


For Your benefit, we decided to use Plausible, a privacy-centric analytics service, instead of Google Analytics. Plausible tracks trends, not users. They don’t use cookies. Learn more about cookies.

Plausible provides information including the pages You visit on our site (URLs), browser, device type, and country where You are located (no IP address is supplied to us or stored by Plausible).

We can’t identify You based on the information mentioned above. Plausible produces insights regarding areas of the website that need improvement. For example, we may determine that pages with more text aren’t as appealing to users as others where we take a different approach to communicate our ideas.


  • Plausible - Website analytics.


If You have any doubts or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact Marian Serna at